Clean Room Doors

Clean Room Doors

Clean Room Eqipments

Like modular panels, doors play a key role in the preservation of your clean room’s specific environment.

Our Clean room Doors offer a new perspective in terms of ergonomics and layout.

We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of clean room flush doors including metal with equipments in Mumbai India to whole world, Security, access control, and automatic options are also available for our clean room services.


  • Flush Metal Doors
  • Sheet Thickness: 0.8mm
  • Zinc Coating: 120 GSM
  • Framework: 1.2 thick GI frame
  • Class 100 Compatible
  • Clean room flush metal doors equipments manufacturers suppliers and exporters
  • Finishing: clean room equipments coated with a thickness of 60-80 microns.
  • Insulation: PUF/ Mineral Wool/ EPS/ Paper Honey Comb and PIR.
  • GMP approved Ironmongery
  • Application: Pharmaceutical Industry / Biotechnology / API / Semi-conductor
  • Pharmintech flush metal doors are available in various sizes as required.

Various color shades are available as required.

The doors are fixed with reputed makes hardware like :

  • Door closer
  • Ball bearing Hinges
  • Door Drop seal
  • Door Handles
  • Tower Bolt.
  • Door Frame.
  • View Window.
  • Gasket.
  • Door Lock.
  • Kick Plates & Push Plates.

Optional Accessories:

  • Panic bar for Emergency Doors
  • Automatic door operator
  • Air transfer grilles
  • Access control unit
  • Alarm buzzer
  • Interlocking doors with central control system

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