Garment Storage Cabinet

Garment Storage Cabinet

Garment Storage Cabinet

PHARMINTECH Garment Storage Cabinet (GSC) has designed to provides ISO Classes 5 (Classes 100) particles to required garments cabinate need which avoid some particular addition. Garment storage cabinet manufacturers, suppliers and exporters with sterile piping and metal company in Mumbai India to entire world. The working area are regularly supplier with HEPA filter re-circulating vertically and horizontally airflow.

An integral HEPA filter and blower assembly provides a continuous wash of class 100 air over the sterile garments storage.

Garment Storage Cabinet:

  • Class 100 Compatible
  • Two Stage filtrations
  • U.V Light with Hour Meter
  • Heater with thermostat
  • Interlocking arrangement to put-off U.V. Light if either door opens
  • EU6- Pre filter (97% downs to 3 microns) for return air & fresh air intake
  • Pharmintech make different type of garment storage cabinet
  • SS304 Hanging Arrangement/ SS304 removable Shelves
  • SS304 doors with double walled flush glass view panels
  • ON/OFF Switch
  • Garment sterile storage cabinet
  • 5/15 Amps Switches Sockets for externally equipments
  • PU Caster wheels for easy movement
  • Leg levelers in SS304

Technical Specifications:

Suction Filter: –

  • Filter Casing- S.S.304/316 flange type
  • Efficiency- 97% down to 3 microns (EU-4 Rating)
  • Media- Non-woven synthetic media sandwiched between two layers of High Density
  • Polyethylene Mesh

Supply Filter: –

  • Filter Casing- Aluminum factory extruded section
  • Efficiency- (99.997% down to 0.3 micron)
  • Media- Micro fiberglass Imported) pleated paper media (along with Hot Melt Glue

Blower Motor Assembly: –

  • Electric Motor-double ended shaft, Single phase, 240 volts, 50Hz
  • Impellers-Aluminum, statically & dynamically balanced, forward curve type
  • Blower casings- FRP, centrifugal type

Accessory: –

  • Magnehelic pressure gauge for checking the pressure drop across the supply Minipleat Hepa
  • Filters. Range- 0 TO 25 mm of WC
  • Hour meter connected to UV light
  • PU caster with s.s.body and front lockable type wheel
  • S.S.304 levelers for height adjustment
  • Infra-Red light (Optional)


  • Feather touch ON/OFF switches for b/w motor, tube light, UV light & aux. socket with light indication
  • 20/40w, Fluorescent light with milky diffuser
  • 15/30w, UV light along with Hour meter
  • 16 Amps. Three-pin top along with connection cable

Optional Accessories:

  • Blower tripping alarm
  • Velocity displaying to alarm
  • Filter blocked alarms (audible and visible)
  • Explosions proof electric to flame approved application

Operating Condition:

  • Air Velocity: 0.47 ± 0.03 MPS
  • Airflow: Vertical/Horizontal-Re-circulatory (Based on application)
  • Noise Levels: Less than 68 dB
  • Vibration Levels: Min
  • Power Supplier: 230V AC 1- Ø 50HZ

Garment Storage Cabinet can also be customized as per client’s requirements


  • Pharmaceuticals and chemical research laboratories
  • University clinics
  • Electronic industry
  • Optical industry
  • Semiconductor production
  • System engineering
  • Aerospace
  • Nuclear industry
  • Food processing industry

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