Stainless Steel Furniture

Clean Room Furniture

Stainless Steel Furniture

Clean room furniture require specialized that does not shed particles. You can rely on Pharmintech to supply the stainless steel furniture you need. Stainless steel furniture manufacturers, suppliers and exporters with clean room ss furnitures, bed and legs in Mumbai India to all over the world. Our staff of experts will make sure your cleanroom set-up meets all your requirements

Clean room Stainless Steel Table :

Clean room table is accessible to strong with solid rod and brush and electro polished wraps up. Liquor wiped and clean room packed away.

Clean Room Chair :

Our clean room chair includes vinyl and self-cleaning polyurethanes choice that is made particularly for basic situations.

Cleanroom Cabinets :

Stainless steel furniture meets a variety of need. These storage cabinet has manufactured with a welded, 16-gauge cold-rolled steel shell and finishing with white powders coated paint.

Cleanroom Lockers :

Ideal for cleanrooms and gowning rooms, these heavy gauge type 304 stainless steel lockers can ship pre-assembled or knocked down.

Clean Room Cart :

This clean room furniture is accessible with strong treated stainless steel SS furniture retires and can be equipped with autoclave caster.

Cleanroom Wires Shelving :

Wire racks give a moderate, particular clean room stockpiling arrangement. We are design of open wire racks takes into consideration unhindered air flows.

Clean Room Sink :

Our clean room sink is can be worked to your correct particulars. Drawer or retires can easily be included whenever.

Steps Ladder :

This progression step is makes of electro polish steel and highlight container caster that withdraw when pressure is connected.

Cleanroom Cross Over Benches :

Cross over benches are suitable for working environments where a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness is essential. Ideal for use within cleanrooms.

  • Extremely smooth & sturdy surface ensuring reduced particle retention
  • No self-assembly required
  • Made to order, bespoke sizes available
  • Antistatic

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