Air Shower

Air Shower

Air Shower

PHARMINTECH manufacturers and exporters of air shower and mist spray to suppliers 100 classes HEPA filtering air at higher steam to removed particulates material to the personal go into the clean rooms.


  • Class 100 Compatible
  • Two Level filtrations
  • EU6-Prefiltered (94% less to 6 microns) for returns air and fresh air intakes
  • EU13-HEPA filters (99.997% downs to 0.3 microns) at supplier positions
  • SS 304 door with double wall blush glasses view panel and doors closer
  • Pharmintech manufacturing Differential Pressure Gauge: 1 No.
  • ON/OFF Switch
  • DOP Testing Ports
  • 5/15 Amp Switched Sockets for external equipments control system – to confirm that all the door cannot opens at the same time to certain for both the door will be lock period the time of air flow is on.
  • Air shower manufacturers and suppliers with mist spray and head in Mumbai India to all over the world of water saving showers and coat effective products
  • Time setting for air shower performance times (setting table for 30 second to 5 minute)
  • Emergency STOP
  • Straight Entry – Direct Exits / 90° Doors Opening
  • Automatics and also Manuals Modeling Air Mist

Technical Specifications:

Suction Filter: –

  • Filter Casing- S.S.304/316 flange type.
  • Efficiency- 95% down to 5 microns (EU-4 Rating.)
  • Media- Non-woven synthetic media sandwiched between two layers of High Density
  • Polyethylene Mesh.

Blower Motor Assembly: –

  • Electric Motor-Crompton / Hindustan make, double ended shaft, Three phase, 440 volts, 50Hz.
  • Impellers-Aluminum, statically & dynamically balanced, forward curve type.
  • Blower casings- FRP, centrifugal type with anti-vibration mounting.

Accessories: –

  • Door closers
  • Door handles.
  • Air jet nozzles.
  • 12V, Male-Female electromagnet.

Electricals: –

  • Rotary switch with door indicator at entry & exit door.
  • Rotary switch with indicator for emergency ON-OFF from inside.
  • 40w, Fluorescent light with milky diffuser.
  • 16 Amps. Three-pin top along with connection cable.
  • 12V, Electromagnet for door interlocking at entry-exit door.
  • Sensor plate for door interlocking at entry-exit door

Operating conditions:

  • Air cleanliness : ISO Class 5 (ISO 14644-1:1999 (E))
  • Air Velocities : 18 – 20 mps
  • Vibration Level : Minimum
  • POWER SUPPLY : 415V AC 3 – Ø 50HZ


  • Pharmaceuticals and chemical research laboratories
  • Electronic industry
  • Optical industry
  • Semiconductor production
  • System engineering
  • Aerospace
  • Nuclear industry
  • Food processing industry

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