Clean Room HVAC Services

Clean Room Equipments

Clean Room Equipments

With regards to clean room HVAC, we provide contaminant and condition controls. The unpleasant "C-word prowls of all overs the place. Contaminant — undetectable to the eye can packet a strike and create ruin on item produce and trustworthiness if not managed This sets up a potential double whammy: hitting the company’s yield and bottom line, or a research team’s multi-year effort.

PHARMINTECH is skilled at outlining and creating the "right " warming, cooling, and ventilations systems for our clean room services activity in a widely assortment of enterprises. Furthermore, obtaining the particular and configuration proper the first run through is vital since HVAC equipment is coordinated into a buildings system, making alterations both tedious and costly.

Moreover, the plan, establishment, appointing, and capability of clean room HVAC contractors are the best observations in numerous ventures, especially for pharmaceutical, biotechnology manufacturing equipments. Clean Room equipments manufacturers, suppliers and exporters with validation company in Mumbai India. In light of these conditions, CAT will build up a custom, consistent systems to help keep up each cleanroom spotless condition by permitting the suitable manual of fresh airs to all room at an exact temperature and humidity per your specification.

Services We Provide:

  • Project Management
  • Complete HVAC low side and high side piping
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • RH & Temperature control & monitoring
  • Humidification & De-Humidification
  • Ventilation

Indoor Air Quality:

  • Elimination of air-borne bacteria in AC Ducts
  • Reduction in Toxic Gases, Odour & Smoke
  • CO levels kept within limits
  • Reduced Maintenance Cost
  • Clean Room Contractors

Industries We Serve:

  • OSD
  • R & D LABS

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