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Static Pass Box

Static Pass Box

PHARMINTECH offers supreme standard static pass box, which is make in consistence with world class quality.

Static pass box is particularly planned that guides in the substance exchange absent much work force development. Static pass box manufacturer, supplier and exporter by our company including chilled water piping materials in Mumbai India to worldwide with stainless steel products and affordable prices. Moreover, we also goes about as obstacles for access of contaminant in clean room and other arranged zones.

Static pass box is accessible in powder covered Mild Steel, SS 304/SS 316/SS 316L or a combination of both.

Static Pass Box Features:

  • Class 100 compatible
  • Flush double walled constructions
  • Flush doors with double wall flush glasses visibility panel
  • Chilled water Piping Material
  • Internal coving for simple cleaning
  • Electro-Magnetic Interlocking
  • Feather touch door release switches on either sides
  • Indicator on either side

Operating Conditions :


Options And Accessories:

  • A wide range of configurations to suit any application:
  • Mechanical Interlocking
  • Provision for ventilations with perforated grilled
  • U. V. Light with Hour Meter with interlocking game plans to put off U.V. Lights if any door open
  • Support Stand to mount the Pass Box on walls
  • Flange for sealing the gap between the pass box and the clean room wall
  • Static pass box constructions with three sides wall structures and Doors Drop Seals


  • 8/20watt Fluorescent lights with milky diffusers.
  • 8/15watt UV lights across to hour meters.
  • 12Volt Electromagnets used to doors interlocking.
  • 12 Volts Buzzers.
  • 12 Volts Indicators lamp.
  • 16 Amps. Three pin height further to connecting cables.

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