Horizontal Laminar Air Flow

Horizontal Laminar Air Flow

Laminar Air Flow

PHARMINTECH horizontal laminar air flow has designed for offering standard products security services to ISO Classes 5 particle free working area for handling critical process.

It is reasonable for the treatment of non dangerous items sensitive to tidy and additionally to tainting, for example, injectable solutions, cells and tissue societies, foods test arrangement for sterility testing, sterile packaging’s and I.V. pharma store arrangements and also micromechanics, optics, electronics.

Horizontal laminar work stations create areas supplied with a continuous flow of clean air to maintain a work environment that is free from dirt, particles, and toxic or noxious fumes. We are Laminar airflow units manufacturers, suppliers and exporters with verticle unit in Mumbai India to whole world. Verticle laminar work stations are designed to foster worker comfort, convenience and productivity.

These equipments are fabricated, in a compact modular design and are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to satisfy nearly any requirement.

Horizontal laminar air flow units are accessible in powder coat mild steels, SS 304/ 316/ 316 L or a combinations of together.

Laminar Air Flow Units Features:

  • Class 100 Compatible
  • Glass / Polycarbonate Side panels
  • Two Stage filtrations
  • EU6-Prefilters (96% down to 4 microns).
  • EU13-HEPAFilters (99.96% downs to 0.4 microns) at suppling positions
  • Fluorescent lights to milky white diffusers
  • Pharmintech make Different Pressures Gauge: 1 No.
  • ON/OFF Switches
  • DOP Test Por
  • 5/15 Amp Switch Socket for external equipment

Technical Specifications:

Suction Filters: –

  • Filters Case- S.S.304/316 Flanges Variety.
  • Regulation- 94% less to 6 microns (EU-4 Rating.)
  • Filters Case- Aluminium workshop released sections.
  • Productivity- (99.995% less to 0.5 microns)

Blower Motors Assembling: –

  • Electric Motor- double ended shaft, Single phase, 240 volts, 50Hz.
  • Impellers-Aluminum, statically & dynamically balanced, forward curve type.
  • Blower casings- FRP, centrifugal type.


  • Magnehelic pressure gauge for checking the pressure drop across the supply Minipleat Hepa Filters. Range- 0 TO 25 mm of WC.
  • Gas cock / Aircock.
  • Hour meters connected with UV light.
  • PU caster with S.S. body and front lockable type wheel.
  • S.S.304 height levelers.


  • Feather touch OFF/ON switches for b/w motor, tube light, UV light & aux. socket with light indication.
  • 40w, Fluorescent lights to milky diffusers.
  • 30w, UV lights along with Hours meters.
  • 6/16 Amps, Aux. socket with s.s. cover plate.
  • 16 Amp. Three pin high along with connecting cables.

Managing Condition:

  • Air Flow : Horizontal
  • Noise Levels : Less than 66 dB
  • Vibration Levels: Minimum
  • Light Force : > 300 Lux
  • POWERS SUPPLYING: 230Volt AC 1- Ø 50HZ


  • Pharmaceuticals and chemical research laboratories.
  • University clinics.
  • Electronic industry.
  • Optical industry.
  • Semiconductor production.
  • Aerospace.
  • Nuclear industry.
  • Food processing industry.

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